VacuLift RF Quad Polar Skin Tightening
Pneumatic Radio frequency® Skin tIGHTENING device Quad
F.A.C.E. Multi-frequency RF

Take advantage of our patented QUAD Polar Focused Advanced Concentrated RF Energy (F.A.C.E.), a ground-breaking compound multi-frequency approach to RF treatments, It has a quadruple RF frequency that is focused and concentrated on a single area in one pulse.

This is combined with an exclusive pneumatic vacuum therapy which focuses and concentrates the penetration of RF energy in the treatment area, it also increases local blood circulation, stimulates lymphatic drainage and assists in the shrinkage of fat cell volume, and promotes skin lifting.

The VacuLift-RF system induces a thermal change in the skins dermis that induces collagen contraction and soon after collagen remodeling will take place, which promotes a tightening of sagging loose skin as the dermis regenerates even after the first session. The exclusive pneumatic powered device also encourages lymphatic drainage, thereby hastening healing and rejuvenation.

• Patented QUAD Polar Focused Advanced Concentrated RF Energy (F.A.C.E.)
• Quick treatment time
• Visible results
• Safe and non-invasive
• Minimal to No Downtime
• Exceptional, visible improvement in skin tightening treatments on patients after one treatment
• No associated adverse effects

Hair Removal

Make the cut! Enjoy the freedom of spontaneity and get rid of unwanted hair in a flash with Viora Trios™.

Viora Trios™ applies concentrated flashes of safe, visible light to remove unwanted hair from all parts of the body, without harming the surrounding tissue. The treatment is fast, effective and most importantly, poses no risk to the patient.

Each hair contains a pigment (melanin) that absorbs the light and converts it into heat. The absorbed heat targets the hair follicle and impairs its ability to produce new hair.

Results are visible from the very first treatment and a series of 6-10 sessions is recommended to deliver long term hair-free results to the treated area.

Viora Trios™ Acne Clearance

Isn't it time you started feeling secure in your own skin?

Trios™ is armed with acne fighting skills that will help you face the world with confidence. Trios™ doesn't just target the surface of stubborn scars. It works deep down under your skin to destroy acne-causing bacteria and slow the production of excess sebaceous oil, which means significantly fewer breakouts.

Trios™ treatment also encourages a healing process at the skin's core to promote cell growth for a fresher, clearer complexion you can be proud of.

Viora Trios™ Skin Rejuvenation

Need a lift? Gain confidence and make way for smooth, clear skin!

Trios™ is designed to help you put your best face forward and reveal healthy, supple skin that will leave you glowing with confidence. Trios™ safely and gently applies concentrated flashes of light that target sun spots, age spots, loose skin and wrinkles to encourage collagen production and promote restructuring of the skin.

Immediately after the first treatment, you will notice a more balanced complexion and feel your skin become smooth and supple.

For best results, a treatment course of 6-10 sessions is recommended.